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Buying your own car would have been a dream come true and a decision that would have been an emotional one too. One of the key action points before getting your precious car delivered home would be getting the car insured. However car buyers usually tend to pay no attention to their insurance product which is a key to protect the car at the time of damages and also prevents a hole in the car owners' pocket.

Whilst unlike health insurance, car insurance is mandatory - it does not prevent a customer from choosing important features and strengthen their overall car insurance product, a product that would work for them at the time of claims and yet retain some key features after claiming, so that customers get maximum benefits similar to maximum mileage from their car.

It is a known fact that your car is an important asset. A comprehensive car insurance policy should be able to protect your car against natural as well as man-made destruction while being easy on your wallet. Therefore, it is important to understand the various factors that determine an insurance cover so that you can make an informed decision. Here are a few steps that you can follow to compare and buy car insurance that's best for you.

Some facts to keep in mind when you choose your car insurance should be based on the type of car you own, how safe are you as a driver of your car, do you drive the car on a daily basis, whether you drive the city or mofussil areas etc... or frequently driven on highways. These determine the risks that you and your car are prone to.

At we believe in guiding our customers in comparing not only the price for getting their car insured, but also urge them to compare add on coverage and additional features available across multiple insurance companies. Our motto is to 'Guard' our customers' interests at all times and give them maximum value for money and save at the time of a claim.

How to proceed with comparing your car insurance quotes:

1. First and foremost enter the basic details of your car correctly - Make, Model & Variant
a. This is key to determining your insurance premium. Bigger the car and its price value, higher will be the premium

2. Age of your car - as in year of manufacture, whether it is a new car or older car is important for the Insurance company to calculate the value of the car - IDV - Insured Declared Value

3. RTO Registration - Mention the place of registration accurately, as region plays an important role in determining the insurance premium based on this information.

4. Extra fittings - Highlight additional devices and features that are fitted in your car, for example a CNG fitted card would attract more premium than other cars.

5. Basic vs. Add-ons - It is essential for you to know that whether you want to buy basic insurance policy or look at enhancing your car's protection by spending few extra minutes on .To facilitate this comparison, our algorithms have been built such that you can compare a basic premium and benefits Vs. essential add-on coverage packed premium and its benefits. For instance, Zero Depreciation- add on cover features vary from company to company. Like limiting the number of claims in a year to unlimited claims. Policy Nation is the only comparison portal that gives such indepth comparison on features.

6. Check on the list of Cashless Garages- While buying insurance, as much as the cover is important, so is the accessibility of garages where you can take your car at the time of claim. Do remember to have a close check on network garages in and around your location, while picking your car insurance company. At policy nation, it's very simple. Based on your pincode, you can quickly find out cashless garages in your preferred location.

7. Once you get to see quotes from multiple insurance companies, you can also select up to 5 insurance companies and do a comparison of price vs. features provided by each insurance company. This will give you a complete picture of the final insurance product that you will be buying online from us.

8. If you may need further assistant our web-tele advisors will further guide you and explain to you the benefits and help you buy the best insurance for your car

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