Add-On Covers

There are several add-on covers that can enhance your existing policy:

Zero-Depreciation cover

While claiming insurance after your car has faced an accident, insurers typically do not pay the entire cost of specific parts that were damaged, while replacing the same. They will reduce the value of each part based on the age of the car. A zero depreciation cover gets you the full replacement cost of car parts from your insurer. It provides a complete reimbursement of costs for specific parts without factoring in the cost of depreciation for each. This add-on cover is especially useful for those who own luxury and high-end cars where the cost of replacing each part may be very high.

Engine Protector cover

Engine protect add-on covers repair/replacement cost in the event of your engine being damaged by leakage or water ingression. One of the major causes for engine failure is hydro-static lock or repeatedly trying to run a moist engine. In these circumstances, the cost of replacing the engine on your own can be very high and is generally not covered by a regular policy. Opting for this add-on, can shield you from additional costs during a flood, especially if you live in a rainfall prone region.

Roadside assistance cover

Your car stuttering when driving through a remote location can be intimidating and expensive. During such emergencies,guaranteed quick assistance can be a source of relief. This add-on cover ensures prompt service and aid when your car suffers a break-down suddenly,gets a flat-tyre, you lose your key, or to get your car towed. This is a low-cost addition that will prove useful for those who travel long distances by car.

Key Replacement cover

This add-on cover provides for the cost of reimbursement when your car's ignition key is lost/stolen. The cost of making a duplicate key and replacing the lock is reimbursed to you by your insurer. The number of claims allowed and the amount assured varies from company to company.

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