Road Side Assistance

The vehicles enrolled under this scheme would be eligible to get the following services in the event the vehicle is rendered immobilized.
Immobilisation would mean any breakdown or accident which may render the vehicle unable to move on its own power or unsafe to drive.
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ENSURETI India Roadside Assistance Program
SN Featured Benefits Type of Service Automatic Inclusion
Coverage radius 50 Kms
1 Assistance over Phone On-phone Assistance Yes
2 On site Minor Repair On-site Assistance Yes – 50 Kms
3 Locked/ Lost Keys Yes – 50 Kms
4 Replacement of Keys Yes – 50 Kms
5 Flat tyre Support Yes – 50 Kms
6 Battery Jump-Start Yes – 50 Kms
7 Fuel Delivery Yes – 50 Kms
8 Cost of Fuel Payable
9 Emptying of the fuel tank Yes – 50 Kms
10 Transfer for mechanical, electrical and accidental breakdown Towing Yes – 50 Kms
11 Provision of Local Taxi Payable
12 Legal or Medical co-ordination Yes
13 Relay of urgent messages Yes
Dedicated Landline Phone Number

1. Assistance over Phone

In the event of ENSURETI INSURANCE Customer calling in for support, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall understand the basic problem prior to offering solutions. Some minor issues can be supported over the phone, such as - inability to operate some feature or understanding meaning of warning lamps etc.

2. “On site” Minor Repairs of the Covered Vehicle

In the event of immobilization of the Covered Vehicle due to mechanical or electrical breakdown and as long as the said fault can be repaired at the place of immobilization within a maximum time period of thirty minutes, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall proceed with on-site repair of the breakdown. Neither supply of parts or replacement elements, nor materials in general are included in this coverage.

3. Locked/ Lost Keys.

In case the keys of the covered vehicle are locked-in, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall help the customer as much as possible to get keys out of the vehicle. Any breakage of glass or door beading, if required shall be with prior approval of the customer and shall be to their account. In case the keys are lost INDIA ASSISTANCE shall tow the vehicle to a nearest safe place. The customer shall have to arrange for a duplicate set on their own cost and efforts. INDIA ASSISTANCE shall surely help, if possible, then to find an appropriate solution. To avoid misuse, this service shall be highly restricted and only provided on customer furnishing valid identification documents.

4. Replacement Keys

If keys of the Covered Vehicle are lost or misplaced, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall arrange forwarding of duplicate set from his/her place of residence. This service is applicable as per agreed coverage radius in Kilometers from customer’s registered address. To avoid misuse, this service shall be highly restricted and only provided on customer furnishing valid identification documents.

5. Flat Tyre Support

If the Covered Vehicle has a puncture or burst tyre, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall take care of changing it with the spare tyre carried in the customer’s vehicle. In a case where spare tyre cannot be used, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall either tow the vehicle to nearest tyre repair shop or accompany the customer to nearest tyre repair shop and back to vehicle. The customer shall have to pay directly to the tyre repair shop for repairing the puncture. INDIA ASSISTANCE shall not be liable for the quality or workmanship of such repairs.

6. Battery Jumpstart

If the Covered Vehicle does not start due to the battery being discharged, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall arrange to jumpstart the battery. Neither the supply of parts or replacement elements, nor materials in general are included in this service coverage.

7. Fuel delivery and Cost of Fuel

If the Covered Vehicle runs out of fuel INDIA ASSISTANCE shall deliver up to 5 liters of fuel (petrol or diesel only). Cost of fuel shall be paid by customer on the spot. This service is applicable within a radius of 50 km from any city covered by INDIA ASSISTANCE. Distance limit in this benefit is due to practical hazards of carrying fuel over long distances.

9. Emptying of the Fuel tank

If fuel tank of the Covered Vehicle is filled with the wrong fuel, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall bear the cost of emptying it, using a technician approved by INDIA ASSISTANCE. In case this service is not feasible, the vehicle shall be towed to the nearest garage.

10. Transfer for mechanical, electrical and accidental breakdown

In the event that Covered Vehicle is immobilized due to the Mechanical/Electrical breakdown or accident and “On site” repair is not possible, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall arrange and bear the transfer expenses of the Covered Vehicle to the nearest workshop or garage. These services shall be provided using equipment deemed most suitable by India Assistance. In case of towing distance greater than distance limit specified in the program INDIA ASSISTANCE shall provide the service subject to customer agreeing to pay, on spot, directly to the service provider for extra distance.

11. Provision of local taxi

In the event that the “on-site” repairs mentioned above are not possible, and the Covered Vehicle is towed to nearest approved workshop INDIA ASSISTANCE shall provide local taxi to the customer for up to 50 kms. This service for local taxi benefit shall be applicable for cases where the breakdown has happened 100 kms beyond the registered address of the customer as per data available in INDIA ASSISTANCE records.

This service is to enable the customer to accompany the vehicle to the workshop or travel to the nearest convenient place. The taxi shall be of same class (or lower as may be available) depending on availability of such vehicles around place and time of breakdown.In case the customer wishes to utilize this service for longer distance it can be done by directly paying to provider, as per prevalent rates, for additional round trip kilometers.

12. Legal or Medical co-ordination

In case of any legal or medical problem arising due to breakdown or accident, especially when the customer is traveling outstation, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall provide contact details of the nearby professionals in related field and earnestly try to ensure their first contact, in order to provide convenience to such customers. In this area India Assistance shall merely be a facilitator and shall not be held responsible for quality of services. All monetary or other transactions shall be directly between the customer and service provider. INDIA ASSISTANCE role shall end as soon as we provide contact details to the customer. In case such services are not available in that area INDIA ASSISTANCE shall not be held responsible in any manner, whatsoever.

13. Relay of Urgent Messages

The Company will take charge of relaying unlimited urgent messages of the Customer relating to any of the events covered by any services under this Scheme.

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